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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Restoration in the BasementWhen you find yourself looking at your property in the aftermath of a fire, you may be feeling overwhelmed and unable to figure out what the first step you should take.

Fortunately, there is only one number you need remember and that is the one for 911 Restoration of North Georgia. Once you reach out to us, you won’t need to worry about anything concerning your fire damage.

We are capable of providing you with comprehensive services that deal with literally every aspect of a fire damage recovery. We will mitigate smoke stains, ash and soot damage, tar slicks, and get that foul, smokey odor out of your property. We will even repair any water damage that was created by the fire hoses.

You can feel completely confident in our abilities because we work with IICRC certified technicians who are trained to mitigate fire damage in both commercial and residential properties.

Making you feel calm and secure during a chaotic situation is our main goal, and we will do whatever it takes to make that happen. We are available 24/7/365 to take your call, so contact us today and we will schedule an appointment for a free visual inspection.

Protect Yourself From Starting A Wildfire

911 restoration fire cleanupThe main cause of wildfires throughout the state is by debris burning. It is such a widespread problem that it is the reason for half of all the wildfires that occur in Georgia.

There are different types of debris burning, with the main categories including the burning of yard leaf piles, agricultural burning, forestry site preparation, and escaped prescribed burning.

Out of these categories, wildfires are most commonly caused by people burning piles of leaves in their yards. Although it is not illegal to do this, you do need a permit to legally burn debris in any of the ways described in the above categories.

There are specific ways to properly burn leaves so they do not spark a widespread fire. The Georgia Forestry Commission has made it a priority to educate property owners on the safe techniques they can use to burn debris.

Burning debris without the right knowledge often leads to people starting their contained fires during improper weather conditions, which then becomes out of control and starts a wildfire.

If your home or business becomes damaged due to a wildfire, or any other type of fire, you can rely on 911 Restoration of North Georgia to restore your home and get your business back up and running again.

Preventing Indoor Fires In Your Property

Many people are surprised when they learn how quickly an indoor fire can start in your property once a small spark is made.

Fire Damage RestorationFrom the moment of ignition, a fire can engulf your home or business within five minutes, giving you just enough time to hear the smoke alarm and get out of there.

The rate at which a fire can spread is startling, and just emphasizes how important it is to take measures to prevent one from starting altogether. There are easy rules you can make for yourself and everyone else that uses the property in order to drastically reduce the chances of a fire.

Never leave a candle or incense burning in an unoccupied room. You may think it is not a big deal to leave a candle burning upstairs while you run down to the kitchen for a minute, but you can easily get distracted and forget about that candle.

This is the same rule that should be used in the kitchen. Never leave the stove on if you are not directly in the room while it is being used. An open flame on a stove can catch fire to nearby items, such as paper towels or pot holders, that act as perfect kindling.

Even the most careful people can experience a fire in their property, and if this happens to you, we want you to trust our fire damage restoration Commerce team to give you the fresh start you deserve.

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